We Really Do Need Each Other

July 22nd, 2019

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1 Corinthians 12:18-31

God has given each person in the church such incredible gifts! Once I was leading a church board meeting where the vote was not unanimous. Thankfully, we valued each other’s God-given gifts. We sat and listened to this opposite point of view. By the end of the meeting, we all agreed with this one dissenter who had changed all our original opinions. Years later, it proved to be the exact right decision. Had we not listened to or valued this person, or had the person not spoken up, the church could have been in a difficult situation.

Sometimes we do not speak up when the Holy Spirit prompts us, and sometimes we do speak up out of our own desires. Knowing and understanding the difference is important. Unity does not necessarily mean we are alike, as that would be boring and tedious. Unity does mean a genuine care and concern for one another’s gifts, because God has given these gifts and what God gives is incredible! Better decisions are made together as a team, valuing each other’s God-given gifts and truly listening to one another. We need each other!

Author: Kelli Westmark

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