July 17th, 2019

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Proverbs 22:1-9

The morning after a great storm an enormous tree blocked the main road of a small town. A local pastor found the situation called for further inspection. Upon her arrival, she took notice of the immense size of the tree. The question came to mind, “How could such a tree be toppled by the wind when so many smaller trees were left standing?” The answer became evident upon closer inspection: this enormous tree had a weak root system.

What kind of roots do your children have? If we are not careful, although they seem to grow big and strong, our children may have weak spiritual roots. We are responsible to help our children develop a strong spiritual root system. They need to know there is a difference in what the world says and what God says. It is important that they know that God is to be first in their lives. They need to be spiritually nurtured in order to hold fast through the storms of life. How will they know unless you teach them?

How can you prepare your children, grandchildren, or the children in your community for the storms of life?

Author: Melodie Eisenhofer

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