What I Do or Don’t Do

July 6th, 2019

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Colossians 3:12-17

I remember as a teen being known by many of my unbelieving friends as a person who didn’t do this or that specific thing. For some, my identity was wrapped up in the things I didn’t do. Christianity, however, is far more than what we don’t do. Disciples of Jesus don’t just get rid of something without replacing it—we are to be clothed with the fruits of the Spirit.

I discovered greater joy in my walk with Jesus when I starting focusing on the things the Holy Spirit replaced. As God did His good work in me, I could gauge my transformation based on my new way of being. Was I able to see my brother or sister in need? Was I known for being compassionate in situations that may be trying? Was I seeking the applause of others or was I able to find my significance in God? Was I gentle with others when my temper inside wanted to repay anger with anger?

Each day as I rise to face all the challenges before me, it is good to remember to clothe myself in the ways of Jesus before starting the day.

Author: Michael Downs


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