Why I Do What I Do

July 4th, 2019

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2 Corinthians 6:1-13

Once in the middle baking chocolate chip cookies, I realized I was missing a couple of the ingredients. I tried to improvise but they were a disaster. why? I didn’t have any chocolate chips!

Do you ever try to follow God in the tough times and find yourself missing one of the key ingredients? Many of us who serve God can get in a routine of full service to the Lord all the while forgetting to do it in His power and with genuine love. We do the right things but sometimes with the wrong motives or the wrong attitudes. Are we doing the work to be noticed, with resentment to the ones not working, or because we think others aren’t as capable as we are? There can be many hidden motives that frame why we serve God.

What if we got to the place of serving with a sincere love for God and others that was empowered by the Holy Spirit at work within us! Next time you serve, join with me in asking Jesus to check our motives and help keep them in line with His desire for us.

Author: Michael Downs

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