Governing Authority: God’s Servants

June 25th, 2019

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Romans 13:1-7

One sunny afternoon my dad was headed off somewhere—I can’t remember where now. I do remember, however, that I desperately wanted to go with him. He said no. As he opened the car door, he looked back and saw me standing inside our big picture window, sticking out my tongue in defiance. He shut the car door, turned around, and walked with authority back to the house.

My father is a loving and kind man, but not all of those in authority are. So why is it that Paul deems it necessary for us, as children of the kingdom, to be submissive to earthly governing authorities? Wouldn’t it be much easier if he had just said “when you’re angry at authority, just ignore them or post about it on social media”?

Being submissive is a learned behavior. It doesn’t come naturally for any of us. The church in Rome was being reminded of the discipline that comes from being a submissive people. In the position of submission we look more like Jesus. So ask yourself, am I living a life positioned like that of Jesus? Can people see Jesus in me because of the way I respond to authority?

Author: Rachel Kuhn


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