Shine The Light

June 20th, 2019

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Luke 11:29-36

God called Jonah to preach in Nineveh to tell them that their casual abuse and violence would no longer be tolerated. Jonah, however, refused because the Ninevites were bad people. He knew that God loves everyone and shows mercy to those who repent, so he ran as far in the opposite direction as he could. Ultimately, God was merciful to Jonah. God gave Jonah a chance to repent, and he did. He went to Nineveh, shared God’s warning, and the people repented. Jonah, however, was disgusted, because the God who had shown him mercy also showed mercy to his enemies.

Are we not like Jonah? How many times have we been called to show God’s love to someone who is not like us, or to someone who does not like us? How many times has God called us to show his love to our enemies? When we refuse, it is as if God hands us a flashlight, asks us to go into the next room, and we refuse because the room is dark. God has called us to be a light to the world. We must take the light of Christ into places where there is none.

Author: Steve Malcolm


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