God Rewards His Workers

June 16th, 2019

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Proverbs 19:7-17

She lived on a limited budget and never quite knew how she would eat each month. Yet she would pray, asking God for a chicken dinner; a whole chicken with mashed potatoes and green beans would show up on her doorstep. She was a woman of great prayer and faith. When the Lord asked her to give more money to build new churches, she asked God for an idea of how, as she herself was quite poor. She prayed and considered her laundry quarters. She decided that instead of drying all her clothes in the automatic dryer, she could take them home and hang them to dry. For a whole year she carried the heavy, wet laundry up the steps to her home. When it came time to give to the special offering, no one knew that she who was the poorest, had given the most. Out of her poverty, she gave richly to the Lord.

God sees the kind soul who gives in secret. God knows the great sacrifice from the giver. Our reward is eternal. Consider ways you could give more to Jesus. God will reward you.

Author: Kelli Westmark


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