Speak The Truth In Love

May 1st, 2019

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Ephesians 4:9-16

Even the most loving families disagree at times. Disagreements even occur within the Church. The key to having Christ-like disagreements is love. There are times when the truth needs to be shared and as members of the Body of Christ, we seek to share the truth in love.

Speaking the truth in love is gentle and kind, soft and caring; it puts the other person’s needs first. Speaking lovingly is not always easy. Often times, it takes discipline and practice. Speaking lovingly ensures that both parties walk away from the discussion feeling loved and encouraged.

Speaking the truth in love makes a way for Christ to work in the situation. The way of the Lord is love. The more we choose love, the less room there is for anything else. As we grow in our ability to speak lovingly, we experience Christian maturity. Choosing love grows us into Christians who know the Shepherd’s voice. Choosing love builds up the Body of Christ. Choosing love propels us to love God and serve others. Choose love today and remember, we belong to each other.

Author: Amy Scarlett


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