Hard Words to Utter

April 25th, 2019

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Romans 15:1-13

Reconciliation is hard work. We like the idea of reconciliation, but when it comes down to it, the act of reconciling is usually outside our comfort zone. God calls us to be reconciled to all people, but specifically those closest to us, with whom we live in community. Typically, it can be the people closest to us who have hurt us the most or caused us pain in some way. These can be the most difficult to apologize to and to forgive. These difficult words of reconciliation are easy to read about in scripture, or even think about, until we have to vocalize them. Our instruction in Romans 15 is clear: we are called to reconciliation. Thankfully God is the one who can help us fulfill this call! He transforms our attitude toward one another to be the same as that of Christ Jesus. This will bring glory to God! Who in your life do you need to reconcile with? Is there someone close to you to whom you need to utter these words of reconciliation or forgiveness?

Author: Mindy Alsworth


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