Trust Among Distractions

March 24th, 2019

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Psalm 4:1-8

Do you like silence? I have a tendency to distract myself when things get too quiet. This psalm is a lament, a cry from David over his disappointment in the lack of holiness of his people. David challenges his people to not allow their shame to lead them into more sin. Instead of distracting themselves with other sins, David urges them to reflect and learn from their mistakes.

What do you do when you sin? Do you repent and ask for forgiveness or do you distract yourself from your guilt and shame and find another sin to occupy your thoughts and time? It seems the people that David was writing to were doing the latter. These days all around us people cover up their shame with excess. David encourages us to search our hearts and get honest with God instead of turning to these distractions.

David uses the word “silence.” It is hard to be quiet. But what if we paused life and reflected? What would God say to us? How would we respond to Him? David believes the proper response is trust.

Author: Paul Dazet

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