We Are All Growing

March 5th, 2019

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Philippians 1:12-18a

We go through life seeing things only from within ourselves. We see through our eyes, feel our feelings, know our thoughts. It is easy to begin to think that our perspective is the only one.
Paul has such a wonderful way of reminding us that it is not all about us. How we see things is not the only way.

Sometimes when we look at the lives of other Christians, it seems to us, they are not as faithful as we think they should be. How can God use them? We don’t know what struggles they are going through or how God is working within them, because we can only know life from within ourselves. We know that we struggle in ways others do not see. Paul reminds us that this is true for other people as well.

We cannot be concerned with the motives or the wrong places other Christians may be coming from. Our focus, instead, is always on whether or not the Gospel is being furthered, Christians are growing in faith, Christ is being made known, and the kingdom furthered. As we grow, we seek the growth of others as well as our own.

Author: Kazimiera Fraley


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