What Do They See?

December 13th, 2018

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Matthew 11:1-10

It seems that John was expecting the traditional type of Messiah, yet he saw something in Jesus that caused him to question that conventional wisdom. Jesus didn’t give John’s disciples a straight answer when they asked if he was the one who was to come, but simply pointed to what could be seen and heard regarding his ministry. Jesus had confidence that John would recognize who he was by what his disciples had seen and heard.

Jesus then turned the question around to see if the crowd could identify John by what they saw. He was the prophet who was to precede and prepare the way for the Messiah. Had they recognized him by his actions?

Could people identify us as followers of Jesus by what they see and hear? What conclusions would they draw as they observed our actions and heard our conversations? We can self-identify all day long as Jesus followers, but if what people see and hear contradict that claim, we can be sure someone will stumble on account of us.

Author: Vicki Copp


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