Never Alone

November 6th, 2018



Joshua 1:1-9

Have you ever you found yourself lost? Perhaps it was while you were a small child and by some mishap you and your parent were separated? It may have happened when you were older and you discovered you had no idea how you ended up where you did. Either way, that feeling of panic—being lost and alone—is scary.

Joshua was now the leader of the freed Israelite people. He and all the Israelites were perched on the edge of the land promised to them by God. Now they must move forward and claim it. I wonder if their past failures crossed Joshua’s mind. Did the people’s lack of faith in God when times were tough give Joshua pause?

If this happened, God was clearly reminding Joshua of the most important thing to recall: God is faithful and just and will never leave. God, again, instructs his followers to obey, listen and remember.

Are you feeling abandoned? God promises to never leave us. Remember God’s faithfulness. Obey God’s call. Trust in God’s ever-presence.

Author: Stefanie Hendrickson


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