God Keeps His Promise

August 28th, 2018

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Genesis 12:1-9

When God fulfills his promises, it almost never looks like what we think it should, but is always what we need. Abraham probably never thought his decedents would end up in Egypt, yet here they are. Years later the promise God made to multiply Abraham’s children has been fulfilled and then some. God used all these children to bless the nations around them—even saving the Israelites and the Egyptians from famine! They continued to grow in number! Abraham’s descendants are so numerous that the Pharaoh of Egypt is nervous.

When God fulfills his promises to us, his gifts are not meant to be kept to ourselves. Rather, they are to be used to bring about his kingdom here on earth. It is only in this continual giving of ourselves and receiving from God that we are able to reach the world. Abraham was called to go and trust that this promise would be fulfilled. He went faithfully serving God and was rewarded for that faithfulness. God took what was barren and made it into a nation.

Author: Stephanie Malcom


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