There’s No One Like the Almighty

July 22nd, 2018

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Jeremiah 10:6-16

When a little girl named Dorothy gets whisked away by a twister from her across home, she goes on a journey to find her way back. Through all sorts of adventures, scares, and disappointments, she finally goes home. Her mantra during the entire ordeal? “There’s no place like home!”

Home is unique to each of us. We may live in the same neighborhood. We may live in similar houses. But our homes are as unique as we are.

There is none other like God.

The Israelites had forgotten this. They strayed from following the one true God to worshipping idols—sticks and stone. Jeremiah had the difficult, and thankless task of reminding the Israelites who God is. Remember, these gods who didn’t create the world? They are going to perish and God—the one true God—created the entire world! How could you follow anyone else?

Have you allowed an idol to take God’s place in your life? Take a moment and ponder God’s unique qualities and blessings on your life.

Author: Stephanie Hendrickson


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