Faith Is the Best Choice

July 6th, 2018

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Romans 9:25-33

Life presents choices: left or right, yes or no. Those choices often appear like paths at a fork along the road of life. The meaning of the paths, the one not taken and the one less traveled in Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken,” is debated. Are the paths equal or different? Most readers differ with critics. General readers say that the roads are different and the choice to take the one less traveled makes a difference. Is that how most people live? And what values determine life’s choices? Are those values what matter in life?

Years ago, I was asked to list my top five values in life.

Two basic premises are evident: you are what you make of yourself and you are what you believe in. The Jews pursued life with God based on works and that has caused them to stumble over the law (vv. 31-32). Gentiles, who were not God’s people, have become the children of God (v. 25-26) because of faith (v. 30). How will you choose to live?

Author: William Coker Jr.

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