Churchgoer: Live Out God’s Words

June 17th, 2018

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James 1:19-27

We want to learn more about God. We want to learn more about the Bible. We want to learn more about what God wants. We attend services and seminars and Bible studies to learn more. We keep ourselves so busy trying to learn more about God. This is all good, as far as it goes. But as a Christian, how much does your behavior change based on the new things you have learned from God?

My friend warns his church about the danger of “spiritual gluttony.” Just like people lined up at the local all-you-can-eat buffet, we can devour stacks of books and hours of teaching and preaching in our quest to learn more about God. Learning is good. However, if new knowledge doesn’t lead to a better way of living, that knowledge is worthless. Without application to our lives, we have missed the point of learning more about God.

Has the Lord been teaching you something new recently? In what ways has it changed your habitual actions and attitudes? Knowledge is important, but it is a poor substitute for obedience.

Author: Caleb Reynolds


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