The Power of Story

May 23rd, 2018

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John 4:28-42

As a youth, George attended church with his parents. The message of Christ went over his head until one day when churchgoers shared their testimonies. As he listened to these individuals’ stories, he began to want what they had: a relationship with Jesus, who carried them through troubles, worked miracles, and changed their lives for the better. Soon after, he asked how to be saved.

When the Samaritan woman left her jar at the well and ran into town, telling everyone she saw about the Messiah who knew her life story, the townspeople were intrigued. The woman had led a complicated life, and there she was, unburdened, ecstatic, and proclaiming that the Redeemer had come. The people were curious, and they came out to see Jesus for themselves. Because of this woman’s unabashed testimony, many of her neighbors believed in Jesus and were saved.

Christians should not be ashamed to tell the story of God’s work in their lives. Others are listening, and one story could lead someone to salvation.

Author: Jen George


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