While Waiting Painfully, God Provides

May 10th, 2018

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John 19:16-27

My youngest loves to play with her toy jack-in-the-box. Crank the handle and hear the music.

Jack-in-the-box is either a toy you enjoy or hate. Not everyone loves something popping out at you—even if you know it is coming eventually. The anticipation is all too often worse than the event.

Waiting can be like that: a dread that pools in your stomach and sends a chill up your spine. What have you waited for, anticipating the worse? How many of those times was the waiting worse than what you were waiting for?

The disciples and followers of Christ were witnesses to his death and anticipating their own demise. What the authorities did to Jesus, his followers dreaded would happen to them. The future looked dim. They did not know the end of the story: Jesus would live again!

In the midst of these dark moments, Jesus points his followers to one another. It is in community that we can find solace while waiting. Our fellow members of the Body of Christ can walk through the anticipation and whatever it is we face.

Author: Mark Hendrickson

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