Mediators Are in God’s Will

April 21st, 2018

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1 Samuel 25:36-44

The task of the mediator is to help both sides determine an acceptable alternative so everyone can move forward. The mediator, however, cannot make either side accept the alternative. They must help both sides see the value in accepting the alternative.

As the people of God, the alternative to which we are called is nothing less than the very purposes of God. What God desires for His creation—what we might call God’s will—is the common ground we seek. When we are in conflict with others, we must recognize that we only can control our response, and do what we believe God desires of us. This requires us to trust that God is also at work in the lives of those with which we disagree, calling them to His will, just as He is calling us.

Had David retaliated against Nabal, he would have done so according to his own will. But because of Abigail’s intervention, David submitted to the will of God, and trusted God to deal with Nabal according to His will.

Author: Grant Christy


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