From Praise to Grumbling

April 2nd, 2018

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Exodus 15:18-27

Freedom after generations of slavery is no match for three days of thirst. You might even say real thirst can test your faith. It would be easy to call out the Israelites’ faithlessness. All too easily they turned from rejoicing to questioning the goodness of the God they had decided to follow and the man who had led them to “bitter waters.”

The problem is how often I find too much of my own attitude reflected in their behavior. God blesses with abundance of goodness and a head-cold makes me miserable and whiney. I experience His Divine presence in prayer or worship, and then I let a negative comment about an unimportant subject steal the joy away. The Hebrews marched away from everything they knew and probably loved.

God was training them to trust Him completely. When we feel the grumbling start in our spirit, remember God will never lead us where His provision will not care for us. Your waters may be bitter, but God can sweeten them.

Author: Sean Carr


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