A New Time

February 23rd, 2018

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Luke 5:27-39

Jesus Christ broke into our time, and this has changed everything. This change can be both scary and uncomfortable. The Pharisees were very uncomfortable with message and methods. They could not understand why Jesus would defile himself by eating with sinners, and why He rejected some of the rituals and traditions they held so precious.

Jesus however, came preaching a kingdom that was not controlled by empty rituals, but was centered on the salvation and new life He came to bring. Holiness was shown to be stronger than sin. That is why Jesus could feast with sinners. Sinners were being made holy by Him. Rituals were only useful as far as they were being fulfilled in Christ. If Jesus was present, there was feasting. His absence called for fasting and seeking Him. This new time could not be contained by the old wine skins, the old ways of doing things.

We need to focus on Christ to know what worship means. Jesus changes our relationship towards our world.

Author: Samantha Chambo


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