Be Firm In Your Faith

December 18th, 2017

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Isaiah 7:1-9

Standing firm in your faith isn’t about tenaciously solving your personal problems. It is about living with the assurance that God will be with you and can be trusted in every situation.

King Ahaz struggled to find a political solution to the threats his nation was facing. In trying to guide the young king, Isaiah shared God’s message: “Be careful, keep calm and don’t be afraid. Do not lose heart” (7:4). Isaiah was affirming the fact that God’s strategies could be trusted. King Ahaz had a decision to make about the way he would go forward, would it be his way or God’s way. The challenge even came with a warning, which the king did not heed. Isaiah said, “If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all” (Isaiah 7:9b).

Why is being firm in your faith important? It is because with faith, you are no longer defined by the problems you face in life, but rather by the presence of God who promises to be with you and guide you in every circumstance.

Author: William R. Carlson


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