What Will We Get?

December 7th, 2017

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Acts 3:14-26

Christmas brings great anticipation to the hearts of children. They are sometimes quick to ask, “What will you get me for Christmas?”

We all love to receive gifts that we had hoped to receive. It is for that reason that many of us as parents will ask our children what they would like to receive for Christmas. Getting what we wanted is often the cause of much celebration on that Christmas morning.

In Acts 3:14-26, the author speaks of promises fulfilled, of gifts given. “Times of refreshing may come from the Lord,” he says. Yet, the passage closes with a remarkable statement. God raised up “his servant” to bless Israel, not by what they would get, but by what they would not get. The blessing comes because He “turns each of you away from your wickedness.” What they, and we, deserve, we do not get: justice for the wickedness we have done. What we get is redemption, mercy, and grace! Now that is a gift worth celebrating!

Author: Jesse C. Middendorf

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