Come, Lord Jesus

November 26th, 2017

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Revelation 22:12-21

One of two events can take place when a parent comes home from work. The first event involves the child waiting eagerly by the door. The second event involves the child trying to find somewhere to hide. Whether the child is being rewarded for a good deed or punished for being naughty, the parent is acting as judge in both situations.

Judgment is often perceived as a negative because it implies someone is in trouble. However, judgment can also result in a reward. A coming judgment might result in either a punishment or a reward. When Jesus comes, He will determine what each person will receive. Jesus describes to John the two outcomes of His judgment. Those who have “washed their robes” will be given access to the tree of life and welcomed into heaven. Those who are found lacking will be sent away.

John eagerly looked forward to the day that Jesus would come to bring judgment. Just like the child waiting for the parent to come home, it is possible to guess what the final outcome will be. “Let the one who hears say, ‘Come!’” (Revelation 22:17).

Author: Elizabeth Aliotta


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