Radical Nearness

November 15th, 2017

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Romans 10:1-11

What is truly required for a person to receive the freedom that comes from Christ? Paul refers to the Israelites who thought that strict adherence to the law of God would bring salvation. Their study of the Scriptures was vast, and every aspect of their lives was devoted to obedience of the law. What knowledge of God could these Israelites possibly be missing? In the age of Google and every known fact about the universe at our fingertips, what information could we possibly be lacking? Paul asserts that it is the experiential knowledge that God is near to us and that we need to submit to His righteousness.

Because Jesus became a human and dwelt among us, God is now as near to us as our own mouths and hearts are. Submitting to Jesus and proclaiming Him as Lord of our lives shows our acceptance of Christ’s sacrifice for our sins. It allows Him to enter every area of our minds and lives and bring restoration and healing. When we proclaim a change of leadership over our lives, we experience the radical nearness of our God.

Author: Renée Devault


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