A Child’s Hope

October 19th, 2017

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Matthew 18:1-10

A small shadow came near to me. Natalie greeted me every Sunday morning. I would give her a hug and ask her about her mother. That morning she gave me a handwritten note: “Dear Pastor Jonathan, Thank you for being my pastor, and thank you for coming to pray with my mom.” Her smile indicated she was eager for me to respond. I expressed my gratitude, and her face shined with optimism, faith, and appreciation. For a moment God revealed the worldview of a child. She brings a smile to me every week with her unbridled hope and trust.

What were Jesus’ disciples thinking when they asked Him in Matthew 18:1, “Who, then, is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” When Jesus spoke about “becoming like little children” He was responding to their childish behavior. Being childish is not the same thing as having the hopeful perspective of a child.

If we could see through the eyes of a child, then we’ve begun to grasp kingdom living. In fact, Jesus states that only this kind of faith will enter the kingdom of heaven, to visualize what can be instead of what adults think won’t ever be.

Author: Jonathan Trees


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