How Many Sleeps?

October 15th, 2017

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Psalm 49:5-15

The perception of time is subjective. Car trips can be endless for children who ask, “Are we there yet?” The longest week for an expectant couple is the last week before the baby is due. As a child, the time between birthdays is forever, but for adults, the days fly. Parents explain time to their children by the number of sleeps until grandparents visit. Days may be marked off for a visual reminder as with an Advent calendar.

We are headed to heaven where time is not a factor. How can one fathom eternity? The sun will not rise or set, because there will be no sun. All of our usual metaphors will be obsolete. Forever is a new concept. Ponder the idea. No more tears–forever. In God’s presence–forever. No more want–forever. Exploring the New Jerusalem–forever. There will be no rush or deadlines. We will have time to learn and praise. Peace and love will surround us–forever. The Bible doesn’t give a lot of detail, but we can trust that it will be good and perfect–forever.

Author: Amy Crofford


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