Jesus, My Hero

October 10th, 2017

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Mark 15:21-32

In literature, the hero is the character about whom the story revolves. This main character faces difficulties that challenge either moral or physical strength. The climax comes when the character makes the decision to remain steadfast to a higher principle–or not. Often, the character must make a sacrifice for a greater good.

Jesus is the hero, not in fiction, but in nonfiction. History is dated by His life. He faced difficult temptations and trials in the desert and throughout His ministry. He was misunderstood by just about everyone during His lifetime. People expected that He would somehow break the reign of the Roman Empire and set up an earthly kingdom. His disciples followed, but only after His death did they really comprehend His mission, and even then it took some time to catch the vision. Jesus sacrificed himself even as He was being ridiculed to save all of humanity from the consequences of sin.

Has Jesus saved you? Does your life revolve around Jesus? Is Jesus your hero?

Author: Amy Crofford


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