Carrying The Weight

October 8th, 2017

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Psalm 40:11-17

Car games are a staple for long road trips with children. In West Africa, variation in license plates is rare and billboards rarer yet. So, we played “BoB.” The first sighting of a woman with a “Baby on Back” earned points. Other points could be earned for BoHs–“Basket on Head” or “Bottle on Head.” The points mounted quickly, as these were fairly common to see. West African women are amazing because the weight of a full gas bottle can be considerable. A Beninese proverb reflects this, noting, “If you arrange your own load, others will help you lift it to your head.”

In Haiti, we also saw tremendous feats of head balancing. A Haitian prayer recommends giving your burdens to Jesus so He can have the headache.

Physical and mental stress occurs when people take on more than they are capable of bearing. The burden of sin is one that we were not designed to carry. It can give us more than headaches and backaches; it can flatten us. We need to get rid of it, and Jesus is more than willing to bear it for us. Why not let Him?

Author: Amy Crofford


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