The Father’s Compassion

September 7th, 2017

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Luke 15:11-20

We’ve all experienced that awful feeling when we know we did something wrong. It wasn’t just a mistake; it was downright disobedience. In rebellion, you crossed the line. You hurt yourself and maybe even others. You want to make things right, need to make things right, but you’re afraid. How will they respond? How severely will I be chastised?

I imagine that the prodigal son had more than just a little fear as he approached his old home, the home that was once a safe haven, a place where he was loved, looked after, and longed for. Yet, he had rejected it all. Worst of all, he had inflicted pain on his father when he rejected him.

To his surprise, things didn’t work out as planned. They seldom do. Broke, hungry, and alone, the son couldn’t handle it any more; he had to go face his father and confess his foolishness. We see a beautiful picture of grace and forgiveness as the father runs to meet his son.

Wherever you have been, know that God is eager to meet you, to embrace you with His love and compassion.

Author: Norayr Hajian


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