God Is in Control

August 26th, 2017

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Psalm 104:24-35

Psalm 104 begins and ends with praise. The psalmist rejoices in the creative and sustaining power of God over all creation. He sees through the created world the care of our God, who is present and actively providing for what He has made. This meditation leads the psalmist to praise God, not only for His creative power, but for His provision and ability to sustain all that He has made.

The Psalm invites us to consider the cause for the psalmist’s praise. He sees the One standing behind all of creation and determines that God is great and still in control. God is the ultimate source and sustainer of life. Everything in creation is dependent upon Him, and He has not abandoned what He has made.

When we consider the work of God’s hands, the beauty and complexity within this world, we are reminded that He is great and cares for all creation. God is present with us, and this world is in His capable hands.

Author: Stuart Williams


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