All For One

August 17th, 2017

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2 Chronicles 19:1-11

One of the great historical novels is The Three Musketeers. It chronicles the story of three loyal soldiers and an apprentice soldier. The author of the story, Alexandre Dumas, describes a time when our would-be heroes are down on their luck and have to rely on their connections and acquaintances to survive. There is a particularly interesting scenario where one was invited to a meal and brought his three friends, which totally overwhelmed their host and his resources. Through this story and others, the four friends learned how to depend on each other and support each other through life.

Often in our lives, we must deal with confrontation, even among Christians. Jesus instructs his followers in the way to deal with conflict within the body (Matthew 18:15-17). A believer, after trying to personally talk to the other, was instructed to find two or three others to serve as witnesses when dealing with a continuing conflict. Having the support of other believers provides encouragement, support, and accountability when dealing with difficult situations.

Author: Douglas E. McClure

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