A Strand at a Time

August 12th, 2017

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2 Peter 2:10b-22

If someone took a spool of thread and wrapped it around you one time, you could easily break it. Twice, three, maybe even ten times, you could break free. However, if that thread was wrapped around you multiple times, before long that which could be easily broken would so entangle you that it would become impossible for you to break free.

To become entangled again in sin is deadly. The words of 2 Peter 2:20 teach us practical and doable ways to avoid entanglement. It begins with the words we listen to. If they are selfish, following the corrupt desires of the sinful nature; if they appeal to the sensual; if they’re motivated by greed; they must be avoided. No matter how winsome they might be.

Refuse to be drawn in by false premises and false promises. Everything needs to be checked with the Word of God.

The warning is stark and real; if you’re entangled again in sin you’re worse than you were at the beginning, so it best not to even let the first strand be wrapped around you.

Author: Fred Prince


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