True Worship Is Costly

July 25th, 2017

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Genesis 22:1-13

Who hasn’t heard Abbott and Costello’s comedy routine, “Who’s On First?” It is clever, comical, and yet subtly one of life’s most important questions, especially regarding worship. When it comes to worship, it isn’t who’s on first, but Who is first. This was an issue Abraham had to decide and a challenge for all of us to wrestle with.

In Genesis 22 we read how God in His goodness and desire to “grow” Abraham, tested him. God took what was most precious to Abraham, someone who could easily have become an idol, asking Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac’s life. As Abraham was dying inwardly to himself and his future I don’t imagine he slept much. I feel certain, however, that God convinced Abraham, as he struggled, that God was bigger than his crisis.

What carried Abraham to victory? He trusted in God’s Word more than his circumstances. With Abraham’s complete surrender to God, true worship took place, and God provided the sacrifice.

Author: Jerry Frye

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