Ask For Good Judgment

July 9th, 2017

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Psalm 119:65-80

William Shakespeare, in Act II, scene II, of his play Romeo and Juliet, has Juliet declare to Romeo, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” As we read Psalm 119, we hear the psalmist saying similar words about the Law of the Lord. In verse after verse of this longest psalm in the Bible, the writer extols his love for and the value of the Law of God.

This is contrary to the way that many people see God’s Law today. People view the Law, any law, as an unwanted restraint, something that keeps them from doing what they want to do. They see it as a limitation upon their freedom; something to be rejected. But not the Psalmist! The Psalm writer sees the Law of God as something precious and wonderful, the source of freedom and wonder. In Psalm 119:66, the Psalmist proclaims that God’s Law is his trustworthy source of knowledge and good judgment.

How different our world would be if more people took this attitude toward the Word of God!

Author: David Restrick


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