The Generational Heart

July 2nd, 2017

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Psalm 33:1-15

Dorothea was her name. Blinded from childhood, she was then living in a less than perfect place. She often found herself neglected in her old age. Although she could be cranky at times, who could blame her? Still, there was a joy unspeakable in her heart.

On an incredibly hot day I found her sitting under a skimpy pepper tree in a metal chair. She was singing and clapping her hands in rhythm. What was she singing? “I’m so happy…for Jesus is a friend of mine!” Dorothea had a heart of thankfulness!

The writer of Psalm 33 is anonymous but the intent of his heart is to call God’s people, Israel, to praise the Lord for His righteous acts in creation, His sovereign work of creation, His care of creation, and a concluding affirmation of confidence in God’s plans for His creation.

God finds our praise for Him, His Son, His creation, and His many blessings, to be a beautiful sound in His ears. When you awaken each morning, praise Him! Throughout the day and into the evening, praise Him!

Author: Norma Lee Hyde


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