Satisfying Sweetness

June 29th, 2017

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Psalm 119:97-112

Rising high above Colorado Springs, the Rocky Mountains stand in breathtaking splendor. One never ceases to be amazed at the sight of such majesty. Scanning their beauty you catch sight of what appears to be a trail, but it is vertical. It is the Manitou Incline, an abandoned cable rail route that has been transformed into the ultimate challenge for hikers and athletes. Traversing the trail, one step at a time, is difficult even for the best trained and experienced hikers. Both water and a strong heart are essential for the climbers.

In Psalm 119 the writer tells of his love for the law of God. He proclaims that the words of God’s law are sweeter than honey. Just as many of us crave something sweet, the psalmist describes his craving for God! Thinking of those hikers on the Manitou Incline, they long for the sweetness of conquering such a challenging goal.

Taste the Word of God. You will find its sweetness deeply satisfying.

Author: Norma Lee Hyde


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