Bridging Tribal Barriers

June 2nd, 2017

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Romans 12:9-21

Tribalism is far from an extinct relic. When we say “tribe” our minds tend to go to nomadic primitive people living in small hunter-gatherer groups. These groups are often characterized as being fearful, even hostile, toward outsiders. Such preconceived notions may blind us to our own “tribes.”

Modern tribes can be defined by a wide variety of factors. Our affiliation with these various tribes can run from the trivial and superficial to those that define the very core identity. Too often, our tribes exhibit the same fear and hostility toward outsiders that we claim to see in other groups.

Peacemakers build bridges of understanding and trust between groups, leading to both social and spiritual transformation. These “children of God” exhibit sincere love, they hate evil and cling to the good, honor others above themselves and they have great zeal for serving the Lord.

Author: Duane Brush

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