Rest In God

May 28th, 2017

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Psalm 62:1-12

Every person longs for rest from the stresses and problems of life. Many Christians are weary and in need of physical rest, but they fear being called lazy. Many even feel guilty for taking the Sabbath rest ordained by God. This is because we misunderstand the purpose of rest.

Psalm 62 describes a rest that is truly about faith. Could it be that we lack rest and are filled with anxiety because we do not trust in God to provide everything we need? We say we are justified by faith in Christ alone and yet many of us behave as if we must work to earn God’s reward. To rest in God is to trust Him in all things: good and bad, failure and victory, in plenty and in want.

Are you weary and frightened because you do not feel you measure up to a Christian standard of living? Then find your rest in God. Rest in Christ as your foundation for everything. Allow Him to do the work in you only He can do.

Author: Paul Martinez


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