Go, Careful, Stop

May 5th, 2017

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Psalm 111:1-10

Traffic lights have impressive influence. Of course, they are only doing what they have been programed to do by the engineers who created them. All the same, millions of drivers obey their colorful commands.

Three simple colors: green, yellow and red, control traffic flow and bring order out of what could be complete chaos. The visual commands are simple: green is “Go,” yellow is “Proceed with caution,” and red is “Stop.”

As clear as these instructions may be, not everyone obeys. Traffic cameras are increasing in popularity. They are one means of holding accountable those who disobey red lights.

Our willingness to comply with an inconvenient red light may be increased because we have witnessed what can happen if we do not obey.

We see God’s handiwork in all He has created, from the precise movements of the planets in orbit to His intervention on our behalf, bringing us salvation and blessing. Thank God today for His precepts; through them, we understand His love for us.

Author: John Trotter


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