We Have A Redeemer

April 21st, 2017

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Ruth 3:1-9

The story of Ruth reaches its climax in chapter 3. Naomi decided the time was right to find a husband for Ruth. Boaz, as her closest unmarried relative, and as one who had already shown kindness and compassion to them, seemed an ideal choice.

From our 21st-century perspective, it may seem that Naomi did a little plotting and planning to get a husband for Ruth. However, she was simply acting in a manner consistent with that society’s demands. It was the responsibility of the nearest kinsman to care for widows and orphans in his family. Naomi simply showed Boaz that it was right to proceed. Once Boaz realized that Ruth was in favor of the match, he took action to become her guardian-redeemer.

What Boaz was able to do for Ruth in the story, God has already done for us through Jesus Christ. We have a Redeemer.

Our Redeemer has “a selfless spirit.” He is “totally committed.” He offers us “rich rewards.” He extends to us “compassion and grace.” All we need to do is cease from our works and believe in Him.

Author: John E. Miller


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