Gratitude In Grief

February 19th, 2017

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Psalm 69:19-29

I am no superhero. Broken by disappointments and pain, I have seen discouragement and cynicism staring back at me from the mirror on my wall. However, as the sweet balm of time begins to soothe the ache of grief, I am reminded again that the light shines brightest in the dark.

Therefore, as believers we are thankful for adversity. Gratitude doesn’t mean that we don’t wish for a softer journey. It is simply an acknowledgement of the great potential to stretch and grow in the dark shadows in an effort to reach the light. Faith becomes so much more precious when it lives and triumphs in adversity. We would never so profoundly understand God’s strength had we not needed it to carry us through the steep hills and valleys of the challenges we have faced in this life.

The Christian life will vary from day to day as life experiences stretch our understanding and build our character. If we never faced a struggle or the need to overcome, we would never know the delight that victory in Christ brings.

Author: Lori Miller

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