Shoulder Advice

January 16th, 2017

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1 Corinthians 2:1-16

We can laugh at the cartoon-based image of the good angel on one shoulder and the bad demon on the other whispering advice into the ears of a hapless character. We can laugh, but it is not funny when we feel ourselves in that position. In this conflicted world, we receive input from everywhere, and it is not always easy to sort it out. It may be about a decision that needs to be reached; it may be abusive words; or it may just be the bombardment of the world around us.

We who belong to the Spirit of love and peace, of redemption and wholeness, need to tune our hearts and minds to the words and thoughts of that Spirit. With God’s help, we can turn a deaf ear to that other voice, or perhaps even knock the demon right off our shoulder.

There will be other voices–voices of the world–but we can choose ahead of time what we will listen to. The words of the Scriptures, of spiritual songs, and of dearly-loved leaders can be the means of the Spirit speaking truth to us.

Author: Hollie Ruthberg

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