Lavish Grace, Surprising Praise

November 29th, 2016

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Luke 17:11-19

Samaritans play an interesting role in Luke’s Gospel. In 9:51-56, Jesus and His disciples were on their way to Jerusalem when they found themselves unwelcome in a Samaritan village. The disciples wanted “to call fire down from heaven” to destroy the village (v. 54). Jesus, however, rebuked their harsh reaction and detoured them to a more welcoming village.

The roots of this animosity are ancient. The Jews regarded themselves as the true descendants of Abraham. The Samaritans saw themselves as faithful preservers of a hallowed faith. Each despised the other.

Likely, few were surprised when Jesus compassionately responded to 10 lepers’ call for healing mercy (17:11-19). It would have been no surprise when Jesus instructed them to “go, show yourselves to the priests” (v. 14). What was surprising was that one returned to throw himself at Jesus’ feet and thank Him, for “he was a Samaritan” (v. 16).

Jesus lavish grace still elicits surprising praise. Where will we see it today?

Author: Duane Brush


One Response to “Lavish Grace, Surprising Praise”

  1. Maryin Janicke Says:

    November 29th, 2016 at 9:55 am

    Grace. A wonderful word and a marvelous reality in the Christian’s life. As Christ-followers we also are called to show grace and mercy especially to those outside the faith. “Sinners” are in desperate need of grace whether they know it or not and grace is what will reach their hearts and cause them to be receptive to the good news of Jesus and His love.
    So as we are gracious to sinners we must be prepared to share with them the gospel message and the all inclusive love of Jesus Christ.

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