Exciting Challenge

November 26th, 2016

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Proverbs 16:1-9

“Commit to the LORD.” What does “commit” mean in Proverbs 16:3? It has been described this way: “As someone transfers a burden from his or her own back to one stronger and better able to bear it.” That makes sense. We are to commit or surrender all we do, all we have, all our plans into the hands of our omnipotent God. Just the thought of literally transferring all to Him can produce great relief.

However, there’s a hitch: In order to do that requires faith that He can handle our plans better than we can. That can be difficult because too often we think we know better. So we replace “committing to the Lord” with worrying about it: families, jobs, health, finances, future–our list goes on and on.

As you meditate on what it means to “commit to the LORD whatever you do,” God invites you to make a decision. Commit everything to Him–all you are and all you have. Oh yes, He is powerful enough to handle it. Give it a try!

Author: Marci Mattoso


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