Fullness of Joy and Peace

November 13th, 2016

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Matthew 5:1-11

At the beginning of His Sermon on the Mount, Jesus spoke of what it looks like to be blessed. We call this portion of Scripture “The Beatitudes.”

There is a blessing that begins right here, right now, when we walk in relationship with Jesus, when we hunger and thirst after righteousness. God does not want us to live in the sorrow of our past or to carry the weight of our regrets. He cleanses us. He replaces our unrighteousness with His righteousness.

It does not mean life will be without struggles. There is a joy that finds us in those moments when we need it most. A joy that comes from praising God and declaring His faithfulness when others fail us or the battle intensifies. I don’t have to conjure up joy. I don’t have to pretend to be happy. Just a whisper for help and the Spirit can produce in me fruit that is unexplainable, such as joy in the middle of a difficult situation or peace in the midst of trials. There is joy in knowing we are forgiven.

Author: Scott & Sherry Sherwood

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