He Has Chosen Us

November 6th, 2016

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Psalm 31:14-24

Trust God. Know that your future is in His hands. In His unfailing love, He rescues us when we call to Him for help. How great is the goodness He has stored up for us. We come to Him for protection, and He hides us in the shelter of His presence. He hears our cry for mercy and answers our call for help.

God may not answer every prayer the way we want Him to, but take courage and be strong. We may fast and plead with God only to suffer great lost, but don’t be afraid or discouraged; the Lord our God is with us! What He has called us to do, He will equip us for. What He has asked us to do, He will provide the resources for. He can give us the wholehearted desire to serve and obey Him according to His plan and His will, regardless of the circumstances around us.

The Lord has chosen us for His purposes today. Be strong and courageous, and do the work He has called you to.

Author: Scott & Sherry Sherwood

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