Promise of “Covenant Love”

October 26th, 2016

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I Kings 8:14-24

All of us have made promises from time to time. We promise our families to always love and protect them. We promise our employers to give 100 percent of ourselves to the company while at work. Yet distrust is certainly a big issue today–for employees, employers, and consumers alike. “Promises are made to be broken” seems to be the motto of our age.

Solomon’s proclamation and prayer at the dedication of the temple in 1 Kings 8 recalls God’s promises first to Solomon’s father, David, and now to him. These promises stemmed from a desire David had to build a temple for God. David’s desire was pure in heart; however, David was a warrior, not a contractor. David’s desire and God’s promise would be fulfilled–not in David’s life, however, but through his son Solomon.

Today, as we look into God’s Word, we see hundreds of promises that are directed to us, God’s children through love. Unlike the false promises made daily in our world, we can be assured that our God of love is faithful in keeping His promises.

Author: Michael Paugh

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