God’s Approval

October 7th, 2016

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1 Samuel 15:1-11

I remember as a five-year-old child going to the grocery store with my mom. As children often do, I asked for candy when checking out. My mother told me I could have one item. I couldn’t decide between two items. I gave my mother one of the items and secretly placed the other item in my pocket. When we arrived home, I was so proud that I had figured out a way to get what I wanted that I shared the great news with my mother. You can imagine how unpleasant the following moments were as I had to return to the store and apologize to the manager and return the candy. My mother was not pleased, even though I thought I had figured out the secret to success in life.

There were no shortcuts with my mom, and there aren’t any with God. I wanted so much for my mom’s approval, but what I got was something more like shame. God wants us to do things His way. Saul found out much like I did that taking things into your own hands often ends in shame. God wants to approve us, so let’s do our part according to His plan.

Author: Gary Huff

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